Ardoyne ghetto is result of partition


“Patience is needed in the bid to expose parade persecution” – Morning View, June 15.

Look at parading and other stuff in the context of partition.

If unionists feel persecuted it is self-inflicted.

Morning View stated: “Mr Aughey’s reference to ‘bogus grievances’ is apt: the parades were only ever seeking to pass the neutral Ardoyne shopfronts, and so would only skirt the nationalist Ardoyne.”

(“Their only crime was loyalty.”)

Are Orange Parades ‘neutral’? The Ardoyne ghetto is a direct consequence of partition.

So-called ‘nationalists’ are trapped within a unionist state. But unionists themselves are equally trapped. Camp Twaddell symbolises people trapped, without vision and without leaders.

I do not advocate a united Ireland per se, but it would be a better place for the Ulster Protestant people, On the other hand, if they genuinely feel they need a separate state it should be strictly for themselves alone.

Malachy Scott, Belfast