Atheism does not offer hope but Chistianity does

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

Christians have a message.

But the beautiful message is often lost in the public market place of ideas due to the Christians’ increasing need to defend the truth against the ultimately hollow and literally ‘hope’-less philosophy of humanism.

We become expert at communicating what sins we are ‘against’ but not what and who we are “for”. This is understandable, but not acceptable.

I wonder could I just present a positive case from a Christian perspective, mentioning three short matters.

Firstly the universe and human life have meaning because they are created and not mere accidents.

Surely we agree with the best science that the universe will come to a close; but just not in the way scientists may imagine. God will bring history to its end.

The human experience isn’t “a tale told by an idiot” it is all going somewhere, it has meaning and value and purpose (even if we cannot understand everything that happens; and why should we think we could explain everything anyway?).

Secondly let me remind Christians and the public at large that “God is love”. Let me point out that God loves humanity. He does not discriminate. He loves and calls straight and homosexual people to be reconciled to God. Just as he loves and calls both male and female, black and white, Catholic and Protestant to himself to receive the forgiveness, and hope and free gift of eternal life all by his grace through faith in Jesus.

Our God died for all on the cross so that sinners can be saved, the lost found, the broken fixed, the hurting healed. Does God hate gay people? No. He loves all, that’s the Christian starting point.

The homosexual “debate” can often mean that homosexuals never hear the Christian starting point; God loves you, Jesus died for you. And you can be set free from the penalty of sin in Christ.

Finally Christians have a message of hope. Atheism and humanism offer no real meaning or hope for the human with eternity in their heart. It offers no justice either. In a world of current misery and seeming injustice Christ offers sure and certain hope.

The resurrection means that death is not the end. It means that God has the power to offer eternal existence and can keep such a promise even if we die.

The resurrection also means that God is bringing final justice to this universe. In the end God will see to it that for those who seemingly haven’t had justice in this life will find justice to be done in the end.

Meaning, love, hope and justice. All things atheism can’t offer, but only Christ can.

That’s what Christians are “for” and even more!

Mark Taggart, Fermanagh