Atheism is a lazy world view

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

In a recent exchange I had with Atheist NI on social media they stated two things about atheism which I think are beneficial for everyone to know.

First of all, they claimed that atheism makes no claims.

Despite the obvious irony of this statement, it leads atheism to claim (!) that the burden of proof is on everyone else who makes a claim.

This proves that atheism is a lazy worldview with has nothing constructive to offer.

Secondly, Atheist NI conceded that atheism cannot make sense of reality.

Since there is obviously reality, it logically follows that we can only make sense of it with God because atheism (no God) cannot make sense of it.

I hope this helps people to understand how illogical, and pointless, atheism is.

More importantly, I hope this encourages those who have been taken in by atheism to turn to the one true and living God who has revealed Himself to us in the Bible.

Nigel Kane, Banbridge

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