Austin Stack: Sinn Fein pair must go to the garda

Brian Stack, who was shot in 1983
Brian Stack, who was shot in 1983

With regard to Gerry Adams’ response to Tuesday’s revelations of alleged links of Sinn Féin politicians to the murder of my father Brian Stack:

Gerry Adams claims that Sinn Féin are not a criminal investigation body and are not in a position to investigate the murder.

Letters to Editor

Letters to Editor

He told us at the meeting we had with a very senior IRA leader that he had asked this IRA man to investigate my father’s murder. It is obvious from this that Gerry Adams and Sinn Féin are in a position to investigate and acquire information on crimes committed by their private army.

For Gerry Adams to ask people with information to go to the gardaí is disingenuous in the extreme as he knows the two individuals concerned.

I am now calling on Gerry Adams to ask his two colleagues to go to a garda station and turn themselves in.

Those who serve in public office must seek to maintain the highest of standards. In this case Sinn Féin are falling well short of those standards by allowing those who allegedly murder servants of the state to remain in positions of power both within a political party and in public office. If Gerry Adams is to have any credibility in relation to issues around crime and criminality he must now take steps to have these people expelled from Sinn Féin.

Gerry Adams has questions to answer over his comments in relation to the Special Criminal Court and the judiciary. He said that the judiciary are an independent arm of the executive and for a public representative to openly question their impartiality is a serious matter.

Garda McCabe’s murderers got away with the murder because of witness intimidation and I myself have been intimidated by Sinn Féin supporters, so I believe that we need a strong Special Criminal Court.

Gerry Adams is trying to muddy the waters when he suggests that party politics is at play.

My only concern here is to place on record information for the public digest.

I feel that I have a duty as a citizen and good republican to show the public who Sinn Féin are hiding in their ranks and to expose what they really think of the institutions of this state.

Austin Stack, Republic of Ireland