Bad planning has damaged the north Antrim coast

The north coast has been damaged by bad planning
The north coast has been damaged by bad planning

A recent lawful refusal was made by the Causeway Coast and Glens Council Planning Committee to throw out a planning application for a wind farm in Coleraine that was unwanted by the community and their councillors.

But it was recommended to be passed by the Coleraine planners.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

The minister Mark H Durkan MLA said subsequently that he would approve it.

The new Northern Ireland planning legislation which came into force on April 1 this year is rightly seen as best planning practice.

It was modelled on the English planning law of 2004 because it made the councillors decide applications and not planners who in their arrogant ignorance have done so much damage on our beautiful Causeway coast.

The communities must work with their councillors to get the best information and ensure it keeps the well-being of the communities.

The English planning law was seen this year in Lancashire about fracking. The planners recommended fracking, but Lancashire Council voted against it. David Cameron was asked about it and said that was the law; he did not attempt a Mark Durkan!

Right beside where I live in the crime-free safe cul-de-sac of Strandview Drive, Portstewart, we demonstrated twelve months ago why the minister and Coleraine planners are a menace, because of their ill-informed self-arrogance when they conspired to inflict approval for 44 houses on us.

Visit this cul-de-sac and see these would-be vandals failed and why.

Everyone in this area objected as did all the councillors at the time, but the minister and planners ignored us all which they should not have done in law.

Portstewart is grossly overbuilt with more than 10% uninhabited houses; our area is all bungalows which meant houses were wrong in the old law; the sewage told us the area could not cope with this approval; there should have been by law an Environmental Impact Assessment; and the planners had accepted a claim about ownership of the field which turned out to be wrong, and the real owners objected and are keen environmentalists and they live in our community, unlike the misbehaving minister and planners.

That is why the law must be with the local community and council!

Edwin Fleming, Portstewart