Bible does not say Christ was crucified on a Friday


The observance of “Good Friday” is almost universal in Christendom, yet the Bible nowhere states that Jesus was crucified on a Friday.

This is mere assumption and conjecture mainly due to the understanding of the Gospel text that states that Jesus had to come down from the cross before the Sabbath, which is Saturday, therefore it is presumed that the preceding day ought to be Friday.

However, a closer look at the Biblical calendar shows that the Jews kept annual Sabbaths or ‘rest days’ as well as the regular weekly Sabbath, and in this case Passover was such a Sabbath, falling annually on 15th Nisan, but on any day of the week.

Therefore there were two ‘Sabbaths’ in the Gospel narratives in the same week, one being a ‘High Sabbath’ or ‘High Holy Day.’ It is this Sabbath that preceded the Crucifixion, not the weekly Sabbath on Saturday.

The Crucifixion could have happened on any day of the week, but counting ‘three days and three nights’ as the exact time that Jesus gave that He would be in the heart of the earth (Matthew 112:40), which is 72 hours, we see that trying to fit Friday in does not add up mathematically.

From late afternoon on Friday to just before dawn on Sunday (the traditional times given for the Crucifixion and the Resurrection) is only some 36 hours, or a day and a half, so Good Friday - Easter Sunday is not three days and three nights.

The problem is, do we listen to the words of Jesus?

The day Yeshua was crucified was at Passover, which this year begins on 3rd April at sunset.

No doubt if Jesus were to return He wouldn’t recognise these man-made traditions which He said made the Word of God of none effect.

Good Friday may sound ‘good’ to many but it cannot be substantiated by Scripture.

Colin Nevin.

Chef, Hilton Tel-Aviv, 1991-2002.