Bible is the Word, including unpopular bits


Andy Barr (July 7) jumps to some conclusions.

His assertion that I am a “Seventh Day Adventist” is simply not true.

The Celtic Church and its saints like Patrick, Columbanus, Columba etc observed the Sabbath on Saturday, but they weren’t “Adventists”! They followed the practice of the churches in Asia Minor founded by the Apostle John, where both Jews and Gentiles had to worship together on the same day.

It was the later triumph of “Easter” and the de-paganisation of “Sun”-day over the earlier Celtic traditions that introduced Roman observances that have remained with us. The same applies to the practice of not eating unclean meats.

It is not some “cult” that proscribes pork and shellfish, but God Himself in the pages of Leviticus. It is not a “salvation” issue, but just good advice from a loving Creator for our good health.

Mr Barr says I don’t “ask God to do something about bone cancer in small children.”

Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. I have seen great suffering in the form of cancer in both old and young patients at the Ulster Hospital where I attend myself for Chemotherapy and kidney dialysis three days a week after being diagnosed with Amyloidosis in 2013.

I also attend the Royal Free Hospital in London for special scans where the Ebola patients are treated. It has taught me a lot about death and suffering and about empathy with others who are ill.

However, I have also seen examples of great courage, fortitude and faith when people are faced with their own mortality.

Christians adhere to the Bible because they it is the Word of God, and includes the bits that are not popular oo, as in same-sex marriage. It’s not about “cherry picking” but having a right to the Tree of Life (Rev 22: 14).

Colin Nevin, Bangor