Billions squandered propping up the EU

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

In 1972, Britain’s sovereignty was given away by Edward Heath in the most grievous act of treason in British history.

Treason has no legitimacy.

So every following parliament has been an unlawful assembly with no power to govern. Every Act and European Union Treaty since 1972 therefore, is null and void.

Putting foreign political agenda before sworn allegiance to Britain, British politicians have overseen the removal of our industry, fishing grounds, democracy, culture, rights and freedoms and replaced them with political correctness, unstoppable immigration, growing unrest and the beginnings of foreign cultural domination.

Our world class legal system, police service and armed forces have been wilfully decimated and billions squandered propping up the ruinous European Union.

Every day, £55 million is sent to Brussels.

We are instructed that giving up our country is good for us.

Remaining IN, our NHS will be killed off and our bank savings taken at will to plug European Union debt.

These are already planned.

Are you angry enough yet – to vote Leave ?

Rex Poulton, Salisbury