Blair should accept result as we had to do in our referendum

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

So, the delusional Tony Blair is now urging people to ‘rise up’ and revolt against Brexit.

He states the public were unaware of exactly what they were voting for in the June referendum.

Will this same Tony Blair urge the population of Northern Ireland to ‘rise up’ against the scandalous peace agreement and referendum that was imposed upon the people of Northern Ireland?

It was Blair, Clinton and company who were the authors of a very flawed peace agreement and we voted in a referendum on this agreement.

Now in hindsight it transpires this agreement and referendum was not to the satisfaction of the majority of residents but we have to live with the results of the referendum.

Unfortunately, thanks to Blair, Clinton and company we have to tolerate terrorist in our government, so Mr ‘Big and Mighty’ Blair, grow-up and accept the wishes of the majority.

Mr VB, Portrush, Full name and address supplied