Blessed are the peacemakers in Belfast


We are very grateful to the Community Relations Council for presenting us with this year’s CRC Civic Leadership Award on Sunday past.

We are also grateful for the many messages of congratulation and support we have had from right across the community and beyond. 
We find inspiration for what we do from our Christian Faith and the words of Jesus: “Blessed are the Peacemakers”.

Living, studying and working during the conflict here we feel compelled to work to build a society where violence has no place and where people are free and safe to live, work, socialise or go to school without fear.

We both love our city of Belfast and are delighted to be working on Four Corners Festival 2017 with the theme of “Belfast: our wounded and wonderful city”.

We seek to encourage others to become active peacemakers and to take even small steps to build a better society for all of us. We applaud the efforts of our politicians in the noble vocation of politics to find political agreement and we acknowledge their courage in finding compromises as a way to overcome differences.

We appeal to young people to reject any influences which would lead them into the ways of violence. We encourage young people to take up opportunities to build relationships with other young people who are different from themselves.

Inspired by the 100 days of prayer for 100 years of history, we urge all our fellow citizens to work together to heal the divisions of the past, to honour one another in the present and to have hope for the future.

Rev Steve Stockman and Father Martin J Magill, By email