Bombing Syria and Iraq is terrorism, the same type of terror we saw in NI and recently in England, but on a much greater scale

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

It’s more important for the mainstream media and mainstream political establishment to dwell on the details of Jeremy Corbyn’s relationship with Sinn Fein/IRA back in the 1980s rather than to investigate the British government’s current involvement in the bombing of Syria and Iraq, as to do so would alter the course of tens of thousands of innocent lives, whereas nothing can be done now about what happened in Ulster some 30-40 years ago.

In the last three years under Conservative Party rule the UK has bombed Syria and Iraq over 1,200 times.

That’s a hell of a lot of Manchesters!

But for the mainstream media and mainstream political establishment to drill Theresa May over these bombings the way Jeremy Corbyn has been drilled over his links to past republican groups, for one thing wouldn’t be cricket as it would mean the mainstream establishment having to admit that bombing Syria and Iraq is terrorism – the same type of terrorism we saw in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, and the same type of terrorism seen recently in Manchester and on London Bridge – although on a much greater scale.

The global military-industrial-complex would take a hit and profits to arms companies would suffer – a prospect too monstrous for our cultural elites to even contemplate.

Louis Shawcross, Hillsborough, Co Down