Border Protestants did not retaliate against IRA ethnic cleansing

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In a recent tweet, Sinn Fein’s Sean Lynch wrote: ‘Remembering my friend and comrade Vol Seamus McElwain. Born 1st April 1960, hard to believe he would be 56 today.’

Sean Lynch along with his other ‘comrades’ are well aware that there is an election round the corner and in recent times he and others have upped their militant republican triumphalism.

Because of the actions of people such as Seamus McElwain, supported by Sean Lynch and others, very many men and women never reached the age of 56 years – in many cases they didn’t even reach 25 years.

Let’s be absolutely clear: Seamus McElwain was a terrorist. He was a serial killer who roamed south Fermanagh along with others in search of their next victim. Mr Lynch would have us believe that he and Seamus McElwain were fighting a ‘war,’ that he was unavoidably caught up in ‘The Conflict.’

Here’s the truth – the South East Fermanagh area in which Mr McElwain and his ‘comrades’ operated saw 42 deaths connected with ‘The Troubles’. There were 38 murders by PIRA, 2 members of PIRA who lost their life whilst involved in acts of terror and two murders committed by individual members of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, which resulted in those responsible serving a jail term.

There were also countless other assassination attempts of off duty and serving security force members and other civilians as well as a concerted campaign of terror and intimidation of a border community with the endgame being their forced removal from the border area and from the land.

There was no war and no conflict in south Fermanagh because the minority community refused to retaliate to the dastardly deeds of the PIRA murder squads, their code was to their belief in God and to the organs of the state to do right by them – as of now they remain failed by the UK and Republic of Ireland states which provided safe haven for serial killers to operate their campaign of ethnic cleansing.

Kenny Donaldson, South East Fermanagh Foundation