Brexit will get the blame for anything that goes wrong

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

And so it begins.

Last Friday the Bank of England sets aside £250 billion in contingency money to calm nerves.

So far the British banks have asked for only £3 billion.

Italy has asked the European Central Bank for 20 billion euros, blaming of all things Brexit.

It is pretty sure that anything that goes wrong in the world now will be due to Brexit.

If the proverbial cat has kittens it will be blamed on Brexit.

Any who didn’t hear the former Bank of England governor Mervyn King should read what he said: the reason that British banks shares had dropped was due to their risky exposure to euro assets, not Brexit.

That is probably why Italy need some more cash.

It is the European Union that is most at risk – in fact the only continent with a lower growth rate than Europe is Antarctica.

People, particularly young folk, need to learn how to join the dots and read between the lines if they want to make sense of the information-war that is unfolding.

Brian Gibson, Comber