British and Irish terrorism is equally bad

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Regards the front page article and Morning View (March 3) re blatant case of glorifying terrorism: It begs the question who or what is a terrorist?

Is it the country that invades/ occupies another country by force terrorising and killing its citizens, ethnically cleansing it of its occupants, then planting it with strangers of their own chosen religion?

And again by force and threats partitioning that country.

Or is it the group or individual who fight back to rid their country of their violent invader, planter, partitioner etc? Please answer.

As to the demand that a certain shrine (memorial) must be pulled down. First I hold all with equal contempt who kill fellow human beings, to force their will or views on them, be they British or Irish; to me they are all terrorists.

There is no legal or right way to kill another fellow citizen, there are those who have had thousands of loved ones killed or terrorised by the INLA, IRA etc. who would call the structure in Lurgan a shrine to terrorism and I could not disagree with them.

Similarly there are those who had loved ones killed by the British army, be it in Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, etc. (millions) who would call the war memorials shrines to terrorism and I could not disagree with them either.

If one should be pulled down, all should be pulled down.

Why can we not all live together as equals (which) we are and learn to respect all human life, be it at home or abroad.

We are not on this Earth for that long; hence anyone who shortens that life span is a terrorist or murderer.

Peter McEvoy, Banbridge