Brutal treatment of Christians by IS

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I wish to make your readers aware of an on-going yet often under-reported problem in Syria.

A recent UK Home Office publication on the Syrian civil war failed to make mention of the slaughter of Christians in Syria.

Christian people in Syria are being hunted down by Islamic State terrorists.

They are being brutally executed because of their faith. They are living a life of fear in hiding.

What hope is the UK government offering those people? We as a nation are very quick to support refugees coming from these countries however, the UK government seems to be ‘playing down’ the ever present Christian persecution in Islamic controlled countries. Perhaps the government should devote some of their resources to helping those Christian people who are trapped by terror, who have no way out, who are not free.

I am all in favour for the government supporting a controlled refugee scheme however I and many others are deeply angered and saddened at the government’s failure to recognise the number of Christian people who are being tortured, humiliated and executed.

I wish we, as a nation, would stand together and help those who are trapped by real terror.

Melvin White, Meadowvale, Tyrone