Change in attitude is needed among our politicians


The economic thinking of DUP and Sinn Fein beats me.

Several of my business colleagues say that for over 40 years neither of our biggest parties have contributed positively to their lives or those of their families, their business or their employees.

What is all this political mischief-making about?

Tory cuts is an easy mantra. There aren’t too many Tories in Portugal or Spain, where they have had to make swingeing adjustments to correct the previous populist mismanagement. Greece is learning the hard lessons of profligacy and paying off the money lenders. Just as if they were running a business.

How come the Executive planned to spend £700 million on redundancy of 20,000 public positions.

If those positions are not needed now when exactly were they ever needed?

We hear anecdotally that many public servants are considerably underemployed.

Wouldn’t they be much happier and productive if they were fully busy during their working day?

We must do away with the begging bowl attitude of our main parties.

Set a 10-year programme to get everyone who can work doing something productive and to ensure that those who really are in need get the help they require, and make our public services the most effective anywhere, without all the usual populist shenanigans.

Tom Ekin

By email