Christian beliefs are sidelined and discriminated against

A Bible reading and a prayer is a reflection of who we are as a society
A Bible reading and a prayer is a reflection of who we are as a society

I refer to a tweet published in the Tweet of the Day column of Friday December 16.

As a Christian I object to the wording of the tweet under the name of Eamonn McCann @eamonderry.

Letters to editor

Letters to editor

For the benefit of readers who have not noticed the tweet, the writer appeared to mock “DUP GOD-BOTHERERS” following a Jonathan Bell interview by Stephen Nolan on BBC TV.

The writer stated that Mr Bell and his fellow God-botherers were given different messages by God to tell the truth in respect of the RHI Scheme issue.

The writer’s final comment was “*** God, make your mind up” (it was three capital letters that represented an expression/curse that could be considered blasphemous according to the Bible).

At the very least the tweet is a mockery of Christianity and an insult to God.

If such wording accurately reflects the thoughts of the man writing the tweet and he being a member of the Northern Ireland Assembly, then I seriously despair for the future of reconciliation within our country.

I also wonder what the reaction would have been had a publication containing a similar insult directed at Allah been printed in the press.

Again I wonder should the tweet have been published, as it is most offensive to Christians.

It would appear that in today’s secular society, Christian beliefs are being sidelined and discriminated against.

W G Gumley, Belfast BT5