Christians must take sin seriously


I fail to see how the contribution of S Glenn (August 11) is a valid criticism of the letter from Rev P Campbell.

Real Christians believe the Bible and are therefore obliged to take sin seriously as defined by God, not as something we cannot change, however stuck we may feel.

Amazingly a Christian is told to deny himself ie turn away from heavily ingrained sin. However much people may feel tempted or even oriented towards certain sins in no way makes them acceptable with God.

There has been an enormous rebellion against Biblical truth and people are now prepared to stand together in favour of a Godless society.

If people believe there is no God then they have no definition of man as a created being who is governed by certain laws. As society takes off in this Godless ie lawless way we will expect that gay marriage will just be the tip of the iceberg of confusion

While Christian beliefs have provided a basis for society the Peter Pan dreams of the atheist idealists will be as much a social disaster as communism was an economic disaster.

Thankfully God has promised that there is no place from which a soul cannot be brought to repentance and saving faith, however much a person may be rebelling and hating God and his people.

Praise the Lord.

Rev Peter Ratcliff, London SW19