Christians right to oppose gay marriage


Andy Barr’s recent letter (July 7) accusing Christians of cherry picking the Bible does not contain many surprises, save that of somehow appearing to equate Seventh Day Adventism with evangelical Christianity.

The issues which he drags up are not new but can be easily explained by the context of Bible times (including the nature of slavery in the Bible) and the three fold division of the Old Testament law into its moral, ceremonial and civil aspects (when considering why we can now eat pork and shellfish etc).

His accusation that Christians are somehow indifferent to the sickness and suffering which pervades our world is totally unfounded, for it is not that Christians do not offer significant support for these issues, both prayerfully and practically, but simply that this ongoing activity is not deemed as worthy of news headlines as the church’s criticism of homosexuality.

The reference to Solomon’s 500 wives is however useful, for rather than giving God’s approval for ‘unusual relationships’ it gives a warning against them. 1st Kings 11 tells us that Solomon’s many wives ‘turned away his heart after other gods, and his heart was not perfect with the LORD his God’.

So too will the increasing desire for ‘gay marriage’ turn the hearts of Ulster’s people further away from the Lord.

It is therefore right that Christians oppose the moral downgrade which is becoming increasingly evident in our land.

Andrew McDonald, Newtownards