Christians should pray for bakery


I read with interest the letters from the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and the Northern Presbytery of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Ireland (Feb 10) offering their full support to the Ashers Bakery Company who are being taken to court next month for refusing to ice a ‘gay marriage’ slogan on a cake they are willing to bake on the premises.

It was also good to read the incoming Presbyterian Moderator’s encouraging remarks in his recent interview in your paper stating that he thought the Equality Commission had gone “completely over the top” with their lack of tolerance of the bakery’s Christian viewpoint.

I trust that Christian people throughout the country will be praying for a successful outcome for the Belfast bakery and will also be contributing to the Christian Institute’s Legal Defence Fund.

I thought that the statement from the Evangelical Presbyterian Church was well made especially when it pointed out that the bakery had not refused to provide a service to the customer but was within its rights to refuse to promote same sex marriage which isn’t legal in Northern Ireland.

In my opinion the Equality Commission is completely wrong to bring this case to court forcing this company to deny its sincerely held principles about Christian marriage.

It would be good to know the opinions of the main churches. Sadly, so far, the other church leaders views have not been forthcoming as yet.

Church of Ireland Observer,

Co Tyrone