Church of Ireland report findings on Royal Black are wrong

Knocknamuckley Parish Church outside Portadown
Knocknamuckley Parish Church outside Portadown

I feel compelled to write regarding the article printed in the News Letter (May 2) in relation to the theological report on Bethel Church and the Royal Black Institution.

Having read the report and over the past two days researched for myself information on the aforementioned groups (I had never heard of Bethel Church before) I can only be led to the decision that the report (commissioned by Bishop Harold Miller and the team hand-picked by himself) was set up to defend ‘Bethel Church’ and victimise the Royal Black Institution.

Letters to Editor

Letters to Editor

One only has to read the report and see that any concerns/worries of ‘Bethel Church’ have been at every point ratified by the working group.

Indeed they have gone out of their way to reconcile ‘Bethel Church’ with the Church of Ireland doctrine. This is disturbing, especially after reading the following link:

Do the working group not understand that the Royal Black Institution is an organisation based on the Bible, with Christian memebers who share their faith?

Do they not recognise the charitable donations they have given to Christian charities in the past? Or do they not want to?

They have only quoted from ‘ex’ members of the Royal Black Institution. Would such ‘ex’ members not have a grudge against the organisation?

The working team looked for negatives and untruths in the Royal Black Institution as comparable to the good in Bethel Church!

Indeed in their report they recite an ‘offering reading’ in the Bethel Church, this seems to relate only to riches and wealth. Is money a God to members of Bethel Church? Where is the charitable giving?

There is only one conclusion and question arising from thie report: Alan Kilpatrick and his Bethel teachings split St Matthias Church, Knocknamuckley.

Is Bishop Harold Miller and his ‘Bethel’/New Wine beliefs trying to split the church of Ireland?

A concerned ex parishioner, By hand written letter

Royal Black critic is in the 1600s