Church of Scotland still contains a great downtrodden body of faithful Christians


Another Church of Scotland General Assembly; another set of un-Christian resolutions and anti-scriptural Acts by that Assembly.

In response, at this time of year there are always voices within the Presbyterian Church in Ireland calling for a severing of our relations with, what is often described as, our ‘mother church’ – understandably so!

However, no dutiful child would completely abandon a mother who had been good to them in their youth even if, as might be metaphorically said of the Church of Scotland, in later life she habitually spent her time sleeping in an armchair surrounded by empty gin bottles.

As a former member of that church, married in one of its Meeting Houses and with family and friends within it I know that it still contains a great, downtrodden body of faithful Christians.

It is as in the time of the Prophet Elijah when the Altars of the Most-High were torn down and he feared that he was alone, the LORD reserved seven thousand in Israel who had never bowed down to Baal or kissed him.

We should stand by our brothers and sisters, proclaiming the truth and continually praying that if God wills it, the great Church of Scotland will be raised up once again.

Mark Wilson, Minister of Cremore, Fourtowns and Poyntzpass