Clarity needed on whether Tory-DUP cash is dependent on Stormont’s return

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Any stranger reading Sir Jeffrey Donaldson’s letter (‘DUP delivered £1.5bn for NI,’ July 15) could be forgiven for thinking this deal is an unconditional fait accompli.

Perhaps it is, but Mr Donaldson has not been clear on this point.

Has this amount already been allocated without conditions, available now for the DUP to allocate to the services to which he refers, or are there strings attached?

For example, is the offer subject to the Stormont Executive being re-established?

If it is the latter then it is just a promise, to take effect only when the DUP cave in to Sinn Fein’s demands or vice versa.

Regarding his claim that the link up between the UUP and the Conservatives only produced a peerage for Reg Empey, it could be argued that at least it was not conditional and that Mr Empey was as worthy of it as some others who have received honours, including perhaps, the knighthood bestowed on Mr Donaldson.

Mr A Thompson, Dungannon