Comments bear little significance

I have read over recent weeks letters from contributors such as Walter Millar

(letter May 14) constantly bemoaning the political progress made in Northern Ireland.

It would seem that Mr Millar does not like the fact that republicans have been forced to give up violence and crime and to support British rule of law and policing of an integral part of the United Kingdom.

Instead, it would seem that Mr Millar would be much more comfortable in a Northern Ireland where republicans were still involved in terrorism and criminality.

Mr Millar regularly points out the fact that he used to be a member of the DUP and seems to use this as his justification for criticism.

However, there are a number of problems with Mr Millar's regular and well-publicised criticisms of the DUP.

Firstly, people may be aware that Walter Millar resigned from the DUP well over a decade ago so therefore it was obviously not in protest at current policies.

More strangely, however, when related to Mr Millar's stout unionism is the fact that he left the DUP to join the Ulster Independence Movement. It is obvious then when criticism comes from Walter Millar that it does not even come from a unionist if he does not support the link between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom.

It is incredibly difficult to take warnings about the break-up of the Union from someone who advocates the break-up of that very Union.

Mr Millar may well bear grudges against his former party colleagues, but at least they continue to support the strength of our United Kingdom and do not want to see Northern Ireland broken away from our colleagues in Great Britain.

George Harding,