Congratulations to DUP and Sinn Fein

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Congratulations are undoubtedly due to the DUP in this 2017 Westminster election, and also to Sinn Féin.

It’s difficult to see the DUP being able to focus on restoring the NI Assembly until their negotiations with the Conservative and Unionist Party are completed.

However, their extra leverage at Westminster might provide solutions to outstanding problems at Stormont.

For example, if the Treasury were to meet RHI costs in full would it still be such an issue?

And if Westminster were to fund extra NHS spending in NI to reduce waiting lists would other Stormont parties be more amenable to getting the devolved institutions up-and-running again?

Similarly, it could be argued that were Stormont to have the same tax and spending powers enjoyed by the Scottish parliament then this could help ameliorate the ravages surrounding upcoming Brexit negotiations, and especially were corporation tax devolved to help NI businesses ride out the expected storms over the next two years.

And if the television license collected in NI were allocated in full to Stormont to fund an indigenous broadcaster on a par with RTE this would complement the work of NI Screen to create well-paid local jobs.

In short, tax and spend powers at Stormont would allow ministers to prioritise business sectors and services that enhance the quality of life in NI.

To the victors the spoils!

Bernard J. Mulholland, Malone Rd, Belfast BT9