Controlled schools’ chief: Congratulations to pupils

Letters to editor
Letters to editor

On behalf of the Controlled Schools’ Support Council, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding success of pupils who received their A-level results on Thursday August 17.

We should all celebrate that once again, results in Northern Ireland have improved overall.

The controlled education sector, which comprises 48% of all schools in Northern Ireland, is facing a range of complex challenges particularly in terms of funding. It is important, therefore, to thank our teachers, principals and governors for their commitment and dedication.

CSSC’s own research has shown the diversity of the controlled sector in terms of gender, socioeconomic background and religion. We will be working with controlled schools and other education stakeholders to address issues such as continuous improvement to enable pupils to fulfil their potential.

I wish every young person who received their A-level results well for the future, and that they are able to work towards their ambition, whatever career path they choose.

Barry Mulholland, Chief Executive, Controlled Schools’ Support Council