Count your blessings and stop complaining about a sports honour

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

Re the BBC Sports Personality Honours List:

What a sad, selfish world we live in, with what I can only call spoiled selfish pampered brats on the airwaves complaining about not getting on some honours’ list and more medals or being fawned over.

And a well-paid MP in the British parliament raising his voice in disapproval that no resident of NI was picked for more praise and honour.

If these spoiled individuals have any spare time (and they have as this past week has proven) including the MP I suggest they go to the children’s cancer unit in the Royal, talk to the children some of who will not see their teens, much less travel the world being lauded over.

And the MP could raise his voice in London and demand more money and facilities for these children.

Grow up, get a life, count your blessings which God gave you and the talent he bestowed on you.

Peter McEvoy, Banbridge