Craft Show cancellation upset us as much as One Direction upset their fans


It has been interesting to read in the pages of your paper in recent days of the ‘distress’ and ‘anxiety’ caused to very young girls by the non-appearance of their pop-idols at one concert at the SSE Arena last week.

Thankfully - no doubt especially to the parents, grandparents and carers of these girls - the difficulty was soon solved by the concert hastily being arranged for another day! Sighs of relief all round!

Now I have no particular interest in the latest craze in ‘boy-bands’ - the last time I followed a pop group was way back in the 1960’s! - but the reason i put pen to paper is because i notice a subtle difference in the treatment of two seperate groups of consumers. I travelled up to the ‘big smoke’ on Saturday 17th October, hoping to go to a Craft Show advertised as taking place at the ‘Titanic Centre’ on the 16th-18th October.

My suspicions should have been aroused, as I had gone ‘on-line’ to try and book a ticket, but found the page ‘down’ and unavailable. Not being terribly certain as to how to get to the Show, I called in at the ‘Visit Belfast’ office, where the always helpful staff broke the news that the Show was cancelled, though they had been given no explanation as to why or if it would be re-arranged at a later date.

In vain I have waited for any explanation or apology to appear in the local press.

Perhaps it’s simply that we ‘crafters’ are not as noisy or vocal as the ‘One Direction’ fans, but I do feel that, as a sizeable group of both men and women from right across the Province, who were looking forward to a day out, viewing new products, meeting some of the ‘celebraties’ of the world of our hobbies and, no doubt, spending a sizeable portion of our dispoable income on the products that would have been on offer over the days of the Craft Show, we are, at the very least entitled to know what the problem was and will this Show be put on again in the near future?

It was the first year that this event was to have been held at the ‘Titanic Centre’ - in previous years the ‘King’s Hall’ very successfully hosted a similar event, which was jam-packed, so it is obviously commercially viable. Perhaps now I am raising the issue through the good offices of your newspaper, we crafters will get the explanation I feel that we are entitled to.

Yours sincerely, on behalf of Northern Ireland’s extensive crafting community,

June McComb (Mrs), Loughbrickland