Crocodile tears on RHI from Sinn Fein

Letters to editor
Letters to editor

Over recent weeks we have been bombarded with news articles about the seriousness of the RHI situation and politicians and commentators have all reflected on the demands of many from within the political arena for Arlene Foster to step down or to tender her resignation.

When one looks closer at the words, tone and statements issuing from Sinn Fein I can’t help but think that they are only hanging their hat on the RHI to give them an excuse to exit Stormont for a period to squeeze concessions from the British government.

Sinn Fein’s retired Martin McGuinness seems annoyed that the leader of unionism did not do what he wanted, using the example when Arlene wouldn’t do what he wanted in silly gestures like attending a ROI football match together.

It sickens me and indeed many other people when Gerry Adams talks about the need for equality, respect and claims about corruption within government and trying to take the ‘moral’ high ground over the RHI debacle.

What about the bombs which tore the heart and soul out of many of our towns and cities across Northern Ireland and on the mainland such as Portadown, Belfast city, Markethill, Coleraine, Enniskillen and many more costing millions?

In February 1996 the IRA bombed the London Docklands and it cost an estimated £150million just in one day. Let’s also not forget June 1996 in Manchester when the IRA bombed the heart out of this city (the largest bomb to be detonated in GB since the Second World War) at an estimated cost of £700million (£1.2 billion as of 2017). What about the corrupt business dealings of the IRA in their oil, fuel and cigarette smuggling which has been going on for decades?

I am not trying to take away from the RHI issue but I will not accept crocodile tears from SF who have tried to destroy this country for many years, firstly by the bomb and the bullet, and now through their political posturing as they try to portray themselves as if they are decent, honest and trustworthy.

Councillor Paul Berry, Independent Unionist