Cromwell is an international hero

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I am sorry that Mr A C Thompson, Dungannon (‘I was referring to Cromwell and NI,’ February 20) fails to see the point I was making.

Perhaps I could have been clearer!

Mr Thompson stated previously: “In all my seven and a half decades living in Northern Ireland I have never once heard a unionist or Protestant refer to Cromwell as their hero and role model.”

In that Mr Thompson may be perfectly correct. But just because he has not “heard” does not take away from the fact that he is.

Oliver Cromwell appears on the International Monument to the Protestant Reformation.

I would have thought that that fact places him as an International Protestant hero. The word “International”, includes Northern Ireland.

A portrait of Oliver Crowell also appears on the Orange Banners of various Orange Lodges in Northern Ireland, which perpetuate his memory as a ‘Protestant Hero’, by naming their lodges after him.

Brian Kennaway (Rev), South Antrim