Danny Boy would be a better NI anthem

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I would like to comment on the great debate going on at the moment about anthems or whatever to be played before European cup games in France.

Now I have to admit, that I have a lot of time for Queen Elizabeth II, since her historic trip to Ireland, but that aside, and given that the English team are most likely to opt for something even more English than God Save the Queen; is the team not going to look a bit silly standing for music that doesn’t sound at least a ‘little bit’ Irish.

So, I have a suggestion: remember when the great Barry McGuigan won the world title and his late father Pat sang ‘Danny Boy’ before every contest; he had the loyalty of boxing fans from every street in Belfast.

So can you imagine for instance, if we had one of our present day beautiful singers like Imelda may giving her rendition of Danny Boy in front of a TV audience of hundreds of millions.

Can you imagine what it would do for tourism in this neck of the woods?

So having mentioned tourism, I say “Tourism Ireland – do not miss this opportunity”.

It may not come round for a long time again.

Just my view.

Seamus Mc Shane, Ballintoy