David Campbell’s stance is revealing about UUP

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

In relation to a comment piece by former UUP chair David Campbell (March 9), which states “republicanism and the insidious nationalism of the Alliance Party remain our common enemy,” it says a lot about the current thinking of the Ulster Unionist Party and perhaps one of the reasons it had such a bad election.

The reason Mr Campbell is worried about Alliance is not any incorrect perceived threat to the Union but because an increasing amount of people are seeing our alternative to the flag-waving politics of fear, the type championed by the author of this piece.

Voters recognised that alternative, which is why Alliance’s vote increased by over 50% in the most recent election.

I would suggest tired rhetoric such as Mr Campbell’s provides clarity as to why the UUP has ended up in the position it is currently in.

While he and others related to that party wish to circle the wagons and return to the past, the growth of Alliance shows people care more about the politics of hope and delivering for everyone in our community.

Stewart Dickson MLA, East Antrim