David McNarry: Let’s have bin collections that are all one colour and for free

There are blue, black and brown bins
There are blue, black and brown bins

Our household has become slaves to the coloured bin regime.

The three ‘B’ I call them, blue, black and brown.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Each one consigned to the ratepayer with specific instructions and notice of penalty warnings.

It seems the world of obedience to rubbish has taken over our lives. Yet it is obvious that the ratepayer has become the core unpaid workers for the multi – million pound business of recycling

Question is what are we paying rates for?

Certainly not to be slavish to washing and sorting out rubbish which dare not for fear of a fine be put into the wrong bin!

Sorting out normal household waste is not a job the ratepayer should pay for. It should be done by those who make money from recycling.

So let the ineffective councils do a competitive deal with the recycling companies and take the pressure off the ratepayer.

Then I suspect the rates would fall and the council would be solvent.

’Lets have bin collections all one colour and for free’.

David McNarry, Co Down