David McNarry: Thanks to Farage, June 23 will be Independence Day

June 23: the day when Britain breaks free from EU?
June 23: the day when Britain breaks free from EU?

Had it not been for Nigel Farage’s dogged determination in shaming the prime minister into holding the referendum, June 23 would just be another day.

Instead our renamed ‘Independence Day’ will be the biggest decision of our lives!

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

So far the pundits are calling it, that the remainers won on the economy and the outers clinched it on migration. So be it and all the better when the Tories set aside their internecine internal war over who will replace David Cameron.

Two points! First Cameron and Osborne and their likes aren’t interested in self-determination, self-belief and self-confidence. Less still in being masters of our own destiny.

Their strategy is built around anti-Brexit predictions by establishment economists.

Remember ‘it’s the economy stupid’ if so factor in this. Business people succeeding without the multi corporate mentality, trade unions, competent entrepreneurs and global traders aren’t stupid. It will be they and not political chameleons who will risk their own money in the markets to ensure the United Kingdoms future prosperity.

Second, I know the benefits Brexit will bring. But forget the promised E.U reforms! Should this great nation turn turkey and crawl back to Mertel and Hollande, this is the list of demands Cameron & Co

will be given.

Join the Euro Zone, handover border controls, implement freedom of movement and sign your Armed Services over to the E.U under the anticipated elected President of a Federal United States of Europe.

Bang goes sovereignty, out go reforms, forget negotiations, do as you are told. The sell out is completed. We are no longer British, nor is the Queen our Head of State. As I said ‘independence day’ will be the biggest decision of our lives.

David McNarry, UKIP Leader – NI