David McNarry: Unionists should talk to each other as a united family

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Irrespective of the Stormont talks forming or not forming a government, one lesson unionists must learn is that without the genuine co-ordination of co-operation in a strong unified block we are facing a legacy of struggle.

Of course we are able to respect opponents. Of course we can resolve cultural challenges. Of course we can deliver diversity.

However in doing so, unionists can not afford to be divided. Nor split over policy. A single dominant party previously gave us assurances, which when challenged from within and beyond fell apart.

Today we are perilously close to history repeating itself.

Today division manifests itself as a threat, none more so when the numbers show in a party political headcount. Majority rule would not be unionist rule.

As a collective unionists are stronger. We owe it to the country to circle our wagons and come together in a unity of purpose.

In parallel with the talks at Stormont, unionists should be talking to each other and reaching agreement binding the unionist family together in stopping in its tracks Sinn Fein’s swagger and aggressive red line demands.

I earnestly hope that a devolved government will be formed. There will be a heavy price to be paid if this does not happen. Should it all collapse then the greater price will be at the cost of a weakened unionism.

Such are the high stakes that I urge unionist not to act as before in haste or under pressure from national or international interference.

My advice is take your time, do not rush and let’s have wise council from talking with each other as a united unionist family.

David McNarry, Co Down