Demand exists for marriage equality

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I AM not sure how involved MP Conor Burns is with the gay community when he says there is no clamour for marriage equality.

Even the LGBTory group within his own party have been vocal in their call for this measure in support of their party leader, the Prime Minister.

When the issue was debated at Stormont, there was a show of support from within the LGBT community, both outside Parliament Buildings and in the public gallery during the debate.

And surely if there was no clamour the churches would not be rallying the troops of Christian soldiers in their pews to sign petitions in defence of ‘traditional marriage’ and condemning those in support of it as pulling society apart.

Admittedly not every LGBT person wants to get married any more than every straight person does.

But Conor Burns is either blind or deaf, or so out of touch with the reality of what the LGBT community is actually saying, to say there is no clamour for equal marriage.

Maybe it is time for him to take his head out of the sand and be honest to acknowledge that there is demand within the LGBT community for equal marriage but to state that he is not part of that clamour, that is the truth of the matter.

Stephen Glenn

Northern Ireland Liberal Democrats