Disappointed by the article about the former Ulster Unionist leader

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

I just want to say that I was disappointed to see the article on James Molyneaux (March 12).

I had the greatest respect for him. When he was my MP he took the time to come down on a Saturday night to my mother-in-law’s to see my wife and I.

We had not got a house when we got married and I wrote to him.

We did get a house and up to when he was leader I would have been UUP.

I do not know a lot about Jim’s private life, but I do know that he was a wartime hero.

The photograph in the News Letter on Saturday when Jim had not much time left in this world to me should not have been printed.

I respect the News Letter but I think this was an error of judgement.

The person who has come to talk about his great love for Jim would have been better to remember Jim privately.

John Mulholland, Doagh