Disgust at air day ban


I am one of your readers here in California.

Today I have read an article in the News Letter by Gemma Murray that the Open Day at the hangar of the Ulster Aviation Society (UAS) in Long Kesh has been cancelled by Martin McGuiness as one of his political gestures.

I am an overseas member of the UAS and I am disgusted by his action. Prior to moving to California I was employed in the aircraft industry in Northern Ireland helping to build a number of very good aircraft, the Vertical Takeoff SC 1, the small twin-engine utility freighter the SC 7 (Skyvan) which I have recently taken eight members of my family skydiving in, and others.

All of the aircraft in the UAS hangar are kept in pristine conditions.

The UAS is a non-profit museum located at the Maze in Long Kesh, it promotes the aviation history of not only Northern Ireland but all Ireland. It has a number of aircraft built by Short Bros and Harland, as well as a large number of very famous aircraft built not only in Shorts but also by a number of aircraft factories in the United Kingdom and overseas.

In a week’s time I will be in Moira visiting my sister and hope to visit the UAS hangar in Long Kesh.

David Johnston, By email