Divisions in NI stem from the Belfast Agreement

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I read with interest the recent letter from Mr Trevor Ringland (‘The sectarian headcount is entrenched,’ June 19), outlining the present polarisation of our communities.

There are very good reasons for the continuing divisions in Northern Ireland, and it all stems from the Belfast Agreement, which I and others opposed in 1998, as it was clear that entrenching sectarianism at the highest level of government was only going to sow the seed for future generations of division.

Appeasing unrepentant and still active terrorists was a disastrous move, carried out by a spineless government and resulting in elevating and promoting a swathe of the most savage and brutal organisations at the cost of some ill thought out utopian notion of creating a normal society.

It is a pity that many refused to listen to the voices who were morally sound in opposing such measures, and who correctly predicted the resultant chaos and lack of middle ground due to the clear path of extreme alienation flowing from the sectarian institutions, where members must designate themselves as to one side or the other.

My conscience is clear, I stand against terrorists in government.

Future generations will be blighted by those who meekly accept their lot and swallow false hope whilst accepting the death of democracy under the blackmail espoused by successive governments and associated partners.

Principles, as ever, come first.

Stephen Cooper, Councillor, TUV, Comber