Does Alliance agree with Spedding?

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

William Bennett’s letter (October 6) rightly refers to the malevolence in Gary Spedding’s comment (October 5) when he describes DUP Gary Middleton as an “ anti-Palestinian fanatic”.

I have the greatest respect for one of our younger MLAs who chooses his words carefully and engages in good-humoured, courteous debate with everyone. Recently on the BBC’s Talk Back programme he argued convincingly against the motion passed by the Strabane and Derry Council to boycott certain Jewish products and services.

Boycotts are exceedingly difficult to impose for logistical reasons and imagined outcomes are frequently harmful for innocent people.

It is Spedding’s over-simplification of the complexities of Middle Eastern politics that is disturbing and he does not seem to be aware of Jewish debates throughout the World where current Israeli government policies are subjected to review and analysis.

Spedding is, I believe, a member of the Alliance Party (almost non-existent west of the Bann) and I wonder if the said party supports the BDS campaign against Jewish interests.

George McNally, Limavady Road, Londonderry