Don’t mix Chilcot release with referendum climax

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

The date for the publication of the Chilcot Report has to be agreed by Sir John with the prime minister. Indications are that Sir John has in mind sometime “in June or July”.

I have no doubt that there will be some in Whitehall now contriving to publish it on or around the climacteric of the European referendum ... Or any other ‘bad news day’.

Chilcot is due to deliver his report to the PM “sometime in April”.

The publication date after that is a decision for David Cameron. How convenient!

It would suit the security and intelligence services and some people in high places, for it to be ‘lost’ in the flurry and distraction of final days of the referendum campaign or when the result is announced.

I challenge the PM to ensure that the publication of this report, and its contents, does not clash with the referendum but is nevertheless published in good time before the long summer Parliamentary recess. It will require the most forensic examination by Parliament, the press and public.

Andrew Mackinlay, Labour MP Thurrock 1992-2010