Donald Trump’s presidency is unravelling

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

We are probably seeing the predictable unravelling of Donald Trump’s presidency after one and a half’s years of stormy (excuse the pun) leadership.

Seven of his closest staff have been convicted of tax and bank fraud, failing to disclose foreign bank accounts, perjury, you name it.

After claiming he had a great team round him, he has fired 16 people from his White House team including four of his cabinet members in only 18 months.

He harangues his own intelligence agency the CIA and berates the FBI, and cosies up to dictators like Putin.

Trump’s constant lying is something to behold.

He humiliated Teresa May to the Sun newspaper and the next day denied it, even though it was recorded and shown repeatedly on television.

He thinks “The bigger the lie, the more likely people will believe it”, and he might have a point.

Even though everyone suspects he has affairs with playboy models and porn stars, and he boasts about grabbing women by the genitals, his voting base made up by the right wing and evangelical Christians still support him.

Trump has many supporters in Northern Ireland.

There are some similarities in Northern Ireland with the controversies that have engulfed the Trump regime.

We have had the RHI affair, Nama, Red Sky, Charter NI, and the Iris Robinson saga, all in the last decade.

Ian Paisley, a supporter of Trump and born again Christian, accepted free holidays in Sri Lanka worth £100 000 and lobbied on their behalf in Parliament, when they had been accused of human rights abuses in their treatment of the Tamil population who were tortured killed and disappeared.

Paisley’s voting base of Calvinist Christians will no doubt support him in the event that he is forced to stand in a by-election.

People will continue to vote along sectarian lines until we wake up to the fact that their interests are not served by people who prey on their prejudices.

I still feel optimistic and I sight the fact how the Irish Republic has changed regarding same sex marriage, abortion rights and the separation of Church and state, in a very short time.

Andy Barr, Bangor