Doug Beattie: Sugden and chief constable must speak out on Conway

Claire Sugden
Claire Sugden

The confessions of Kieran Conway, a former IRA intelligence officer, on the BBC Hardtalk programme, should have brought an instantaneous call from the minister for justice for the Public Prosecution Service and the PSNI to reopen any cases in which there was suspected involvement by Kieran Conway.

Any unsolved murder of a British soldier or any unsolved bombing must be reopened and the immediate extradition of Kieran Conway must be applied for.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

He also clearly stated he knows the names of individuals who were involved in the Birmingham bombing.

Withholding evidence is a criminal offence and he must be arrested for it.

My concern is that his brazen behaviour may be down to the fact that he is in possession of a so-called ‘comfort letter’ or some other kind of guarantee that he is somehow immune from prosecution.

I find it incredible that our executive have stayed quiet on this issue and I would be staggered if the minister for justice has not been in contact with her counterpart in the Irish Republic in respect to this matter.

Further to this I would expect the British government to begin extradition proceedings in respect to the Birmingham bombings and for the chief constable to do all in his power to investigate the so called ‘war crimes’ that Kieran Conway has said he knows the IRA have committed.

I believe the chief constable should make an immediate statement on this issue as should the minister for justice.

In particular, if Kieran Conway is in possession of a so-called ‘comfort letter’ then the public must be told.

Doug Beattie MC, MLA Upper Bann, Ulster Unionist Party justice spokesperson