Dr Jensen spoke about the Bible

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I would like to put the news record straight about the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) meeting held in Belfast last Friday.

Some may have been misled by the main headline in the Belfast News Letter (June 20) [This is a reference to the headline that appeared in the print edition of the story] which suggests that our General Secretary, Dr Peter Jensen told those who came to the meeting that supporters of same sex marriage cannot stay in stay in Church. He did not say that.



In the section referred to Dr Jensen actually spoke about the Bible, and the Anglican position on Biblical truth.

As the article itself reports, in contrasting the choices recently made by the Scottish Episcopal Church and the Church of Ireland on the issue on same sex marriage, he highlighted that one Church had endorsed the Holy Bible’s teaching on marriage and the other Church had rewritten that teaching.

He warned those who argue that it is possible to hold both positions in tension within a denomination with mutual respect that the cost is unacceptably high, because by taking this approach the testimony and authority of the Bible is fatally compromised.

Article 34 of the Anglican Articles of Religion, on the traditions of the Church, makes it plain that nothing in the Church’s practices should be ordained against God’s Word.

He did not say that anyone should leave the Church. He did say that the Church’s teaching and practice should stay true to the Holy Bible.

You might also want to note that the meeting was held in Willowfield church, not All Saints’ church.

Philip Robinson, GAFCON Operations Manager