Dr McGarry’s splendid display of faultless logic

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Dr Philip McGarry’s opinion piece, (‘Terror of McGuinness and others was not mindless, it was mindful’, March 31) is a splendid example of faultless logic and insightful political analysis.

He correctly refers to the misuse of psychiatric language to describe politically motivated killing. He expanded his ideas on the BBC’s Talkback programme.

I would like to hear some of our professors of theology analyse and explain the language of some clergy who are drawn from their pulpits to the theatre of broadcasting studios like moths to a guttering candle. What exactly do the terms, reconciliation, confession, contrition and forgiveness mean in the Christian context? Are these concepts absolute, universal and applicable in our daily lives? If the soul is consciousness in our contemporary reality and words are its manifestation, how are we to be guided in the politics of our daily existence?

George McNally, Limavady Road, Londonderry