Dublin Airport’s success contrasts with NI aviation policy

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

What an extraordinary phenomenon is Dublin Airport.

Ever since the completion of the Dublin super highway, Ulster travellers have flocked there.

Proud Ulstermen brim with enthusiasm about how they fly via Dublin. A local travel agent practically insisted that I use Dublin Airport, rather than nearer Belfast.

Adverts for Dublin Airport are everywhere. However, Northern Ireland is losing business and jobs: Aer Lingus has just sacked most of its Belfast staff.

Contrast the massive investment at Dublin Airport with the financial starvation of Belfast International. Are we really part of the fifth largest economy in the world?

We have been badly let down by Westminster, which is responsible for our civil aviation.

What is needed is government investment to match what is going on south of the border.

That super highway to Dublin goes both ways and we can attract their business.

Railway lines pass close to Belfast International and George Best-City; how much would it cost to build a spur to a station inside each airport?

To our MPs and MLAs I say, ‘action this day!’

J Charles Teggart, Bangor