DUP attack SF but woo it back to govt

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The DUP leadership seems to have very poor opinion of their supporters’ intellect.

Sammy Wilson proclaims that Sinn Fein are not even fit to be in Parliament Buildings, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson tells us that they are not interested in making Northern Ireland a success and now Arlene Foster tells her party faithful that the Shinners can only deliver division and dysfunction.

Words, words, words — all aimed at trying to convince grass roots supporters that the DUP has no time for militant republicanism. And yet behind closed doors the party — in a stark denial of its claim to be democratic — engages in tireless efforts to draw the wrecker back into government.

Are there two DUPs or is someone going to tell their voters why the party has abandoned the idea of constructive voluntary coalition?

Cliff Cardwell, Co Londonderry