DUP has failed to get to grips with late payments laws

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

Sammy Wilson (August 22) should reflect on his enthusiasm for wanting the “spotlight of truth” shone on the finance minister and the Sinn Fein hierarchy.

His correspondence reeks of hypocrisy.

Senior members of the DUP including Sammy Wilson have not tackled the subversion of UK legislation, specifically the Late Payment legislation, by the Belfast HSC Trust. I believe the trust has subverted the legislation on the basis that paying claims to the business community for late payment of invoices would set a precedent for the public services in Northern Ireland.

The Department of Health commissioned an Independent Review in 2014, but didn’t seem to like the outcome. DUP ministers ignored the trust’s actions during their tenure in health.

At the DUP Spring Conference, Mrs Foster spelt out her desire to see the party lead the way in standards in public office: “If we want to continue to lead the people of Northern Ireland, we must first mke sure our own house is in order.”

I don’t suppose Sammy Wilson would be as keen to see the spotlight of truth shone on the DUP hierarchy with regards to the late payment legislation?

Stephen McCarroll, Surgical Systems Ireland Ltd, Lurgan