DUP hypocrisy to warn of SF victory

Letters to editor
Letters to editor

It is hypocritical of Arlene Foster to refer to the possibility of Sinn Fein gaining enough votes to be the ‘biggest party’ and capture the First Minister portfolio, in the next Assembly.

In fact it was her party and its former leadership under Rev Ian Paisley that agreed with Sinn Fein in to change the original Good Friday Agreement from the biggest bloc (irrespective of whatever hue of unionist, they would have had an on-going inbuilt veto) to the ‘biggest party’–- at St Andrews in 2006.

Let us not forget also that it was the DUP who objected to the late David Ervine being co-opted to the Ulster Unionists which would have gained an extra unionist seat at the executive, that eventually led to Alliance getting two ministerial posts at the Cabinet table.

Billy Spence, Belfast BT13