DUP is hypocritical about terrorism

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

It is disgusting to see the bias displayed by the media in regard to DUP hypocrisy on terrorism.

Did the DUP’s first leader not march with the Ulster Protestant Volunteers who engaged in violent sabotage?

Nigel Dodds marched alongside John Aughey who was recently convicted of grievous bodily harm.

Willie McCrea shared a platform with Loyalist Volunteer Force leader Billy Wright at Drumcree. P

eter Robinson refused to call the UDA and UVF terrorists which is divisive “them and us” aggression not “all of us” inclusion.

The DUP fielded a former member of the UDA-linked UPRG as a canidate in West Belfast.

DUP candidates were endorsed by the UDA, UVF and Red Hand Commando.

Former DUP council candidate John Smyth junior was sentenced to eight years for pipe bombing his Polish neighbours.

There was also DUP involvement in Ulster Resistance who trafficked loyalist arms and the DUP also set up the precursor to Ulster Resistance known as Third Force. The DUP were involved in and supported the Ulster Workers Council strike which often descended into violence.

And we need clarity on whether there are any Saudi links to the funding of the DUP’s Brexit campaign, given that Wahhabi terror is undoubtedly the greatest security threat in the world at the present time.

Éamonn MacGrianna, Falls Road, Belfast BT11